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Spy Night

Pack Programme

7:00pm            Opening

7:10pm            Sixer Game                                                                 Duty Sixer

7:15pm            Battleships

Equipment: Chalk

Split the Pack into two spy organisations. Each spy organisation draws a large 6x6 grid on the floor in opposite corners of the hall and allow each group to conceal their grid with whatever is available in the hall – chairs, patrol boxes etc. Label each column A – F and each row 1-6. Each spy org draws three battleships on their grid an aircraft carrier of 4 squares, a destroyer of 3 squares and a minesweeper of 2 squares.

Using grid reference, each spy group takes turns in trying to locate the enemy fleet. If a called grid ref contains a ship, it is a hit. Once all squares containing a ship (eg the two squares containing the minesweeper) are hit then the ship is ‘sunk’. The first spy group to sink all the enemy fleet is the winner.

7:25pm            Secret Location

Equipment: 10c piece

A spy should be able to spot something but not let anyone else they have seen it.

 Show a 10c piece to the Pack. Pack then leaves the hall and the coin is placed somewhere in plain view but where it can be overlooked. Pack re-enters the hall and searches for the coin. When a Cub finds the coin, they should sit quietly in the centre of the hall until everyone else finds it.

7:30pm            Secret Messages

Equipment: paper, lemon juice, fine paintbrushes, candle/matches

Secret messages can be written using lemon juice. After writing your message, allow the paper to dry and it will ‘disappear’ to be revealed when the lemon juice is discoloured by heating the paper gently and carefully over a candle flame. Cubs write their own messages which can be revealed at home.

7:50pm            Break the Code

Each Six is given a simple code and must use it to read and undertake the instructions. The first six to complete the task is the winner.

8:00pm            Break-in

Organise for a helpful Venturer, Rover or parent to ‘invade’ the Pack meeting and place a ‘bomb’ at the front of the hall and to disappear as quickly. The bomb can’t be touched.

The ‘spy should be conspicuously dressed. Once the spy has gone, distribute paper and pens and test the Packs observation skills by asking them to describe the spy. The nearest correct description get first pick at the bomb (a packet of lollies).

8:15pm           Wink Murder

Pack stands in a circle, a spy is sent from the room. In his/her absence, the master spy is nominated. The spy returns to the centre of the circle. The master spy murders as many of the Pack as he can by winking at them without being caught by the spy. Murdered Cubs can die as dramatically as they please. The spy has three guesses to identify the master spy.

8:20pm            Closing Ceremony

8:30pm            Finish

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