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Congratulations to the following Scouts of our Region who have achieved their Adventurer Cord.

Date Name Group
31/05/2003 K Andrew 1st Heathcote
31/05/2003 L Mulcahy 1st Wearne Bay
02/08/2003 J Ward 1st Como Jannali
09/09/2003 P Baker 3rd Engadine
09/09/2003 J Brown 4th Kingsgrove
09/09/2003 C Boyd 2nd Caringbah
09/09/2003 A Box 1st Alcheringa
09/09/2003 A Davis 1st Lilli Pilli
18/11/2003 C Bretherton 3rd Engadine
18/11/2003 T Ridgway 1st Heathcote
18/11/2003 N Rodwell 1st Heathcote
20/02/2004 T Rebello 4th Kingsgrove
02/04/2004 K Cavill 1st Marton
09/05/2004 K Peers 4th Kingsgrove
20/05/2004 C Ewers 1st Bangor
20/05/2004 G Hester 2nd Panania
27/07/2004 M Harte 1st Alcheringa
27/07/2004 T Jarrman 1st Bangor
20/12/2004 E Melville 1st Bangor
20/01/2005 A Colwell 1st Prairievale
14/03/2005 K Box 1st Alcheringa
30/06/2005 M Baker 3rd Engadine
30/06/2005 R Barrington 1st Lilli Pilli
30/06/2005 P Cavill 1st Marton
06/09/2005 S Bretherton 3rd Engadine
09/05/2006 R Chiswell 1st Alfords Point / Menai
09/05/2006 R Oliver 1st Alfords Point / Menai
03/07/2006 V Billingham 1st Alcheringa
10/07/2006 J Wachsman 1st Haberfield
04/09/2006 A Dyson 1st Cronulla
04/09/2006 S Hester 2nd Panania
08/01/2007 R Brown 4th Kingsgrove
08/01/2007 J Foster 1st East Hills
08/01/2007 A Jones Drummoyne
08/01/2007 J Sonter 4th Kingsgrove
13/08/2007 R Godfrey 1st Heathcote
05/11/2007 T Smellie 4th Kingsgrove
12/11/2007 B Ewers 1st Bangor
10/12/2007 D Duong 2nd Panania
10/12/2007 C Wardle 4th Kingsgrove
01/08/2008 Z Stunnell 1st Engadine
01/08/2008 L Steele 1st Oyster Bay
09/03/2009 N Leivesley 1st Caringbah

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