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Circle Night

Pack Programme – A night based on circle games






Opening Ceremony


Sixer Game:


Staff Grab

1 staff for each Cub Scout

Pack stands in a circle with staves held in front.

Leader yells a number and direction eg ‘Two right’. Pack must let go of their own staff and move tow paces to the right and grab the staff left there. If the staff falls, the Cub Scout is out


Poison Ivy

4 balls

Arrange ball in ‘pyramid’ in centre of hall. Cub Scouts join hands (monkey grip) in circle around balls. idea is pull others into contact with balls while not touching ball themselves. If a Cub Scout come into contact with the balls, they are out. If the circle is broken by two breaking grip, then both Cub Scouts are out.


Non-Musical Chairs

1 chair per Cub Scout

Place chairs in circle facing outward. Cub Scouts sit on chairs. On ‘go’ all Pack stand and run in clockwise direction. Leader removes a chair or two and adjusts circle for safety. On ‘Stop’ Cub Scouts sit on nearest chair – one to a chair. Those who can’t sit are out.


Non-Musical Chairs II

1 chair per Cub Scout

Place chairs in a circle facing inwards, Cub Scout sitting on chairs. Leader gives various directions which move the Cub Scouts randomly around the circle. If the chair is occupied, the Cub Scout sit on the lap of the Cub Scout already sitting there. Note: there is no winner in this game. It is best played fast.

Suggested instructions:

If you’re in tawny six, move two to your left

If you have a sister move five right

If you attend XXX school move one left


Quiet Game


Pack in circle

Played with an imaginary ball. To pass the ‘ball’ right swipe left hand across self at elbow height while loudly saying ‘Wizz’

To pass ‘ball’ left swipe right hand across self at elbow while loudly saying ‘Wizz’

Ball passes around circle either to left or right.

To reverse direction of play:

Raise clench fist in front of self and say ‘Boing’. If ball is coming from left use right fist, if ball is coming from right, use left fist

To bounce the ball, raise both fists in the air and say ‘Bounce’. This skips the next player in the direction of play. Players are out if play against the direction of play, if they use the wrong combination of gestures/sounds or are too slow in completing their turn. If an error is detected, all players point to the player concerned saying “You’re outa here” while pointing outside the circle. Cub who is out leaves the game.



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