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Scientific Discovery

Pack Programme

7:00pm            Opening

7:10pm            Sixer Game                                                                 Duty Sixer

7:15pm            Game

7:30pm            Science Experiments (The complete list of Scientific Discovery activities are listed below. Those underlined were chosen when our Pack ran this programme.)


Do any 2 of the following:

1 Grow some seeds on cotton wool and observe what happens

2 Identify 5 different rocks and tell where you found them.

3 Explain the composition of air and perform an experiment that shows how oxygen can be used up.

4 Measure your hand and foot and using these measurements estimate the width of the Scout hall and the height of a Cub


Do any 2 of the following:-

1 Observe how an animal, bird, reptile or insect develops & behaves. Report on your findings

2 Perform an experiment that shows the difference between gas, liquid & solid states

3 Explain how volcanoes erupt and earthquakes occur. Show an experiment that illustrates one of these.

4 Show you understand the weather forecast. Show how rain is formed

5 Estimate the following;

 - distance from Scout Hall door to road

 - distance from 1 end of hall to other

 - the height of a flagpole or tree

Check how accurately you have estimated by measuring these


Do any 2 of the following:-

1 Explain what the major organs in the human body are and how they work.

2 Perform an experiment that shows a chemical reaction & explain what happened

3 Explain what minerals and fossil fuels are and how they are formed. Talk about the minerals found in your area.

4 Demonstrate how sound moves through air water or a solid object

5 (a) Make a sundial and use it to tell the time

(b) Measure the height of an object using the stick and shadow method OR Find North using a non digital watch  OR Find South using the Southern Cross

8:00pm            Pack-up

8:15pm            Quiet Game

8:20pm            Closing Ceremony

8:30pm            Finish

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