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Symbols of Australia

Pack Programme

7:00pm Opening

7:10pmSix Game Duty Sixer

7:15pmGame: Flora/Fauna Emblem Relay

Requirements: For each six/team

- Set of cards listing separately each of the symbols of the States & Commonwealth

- Header Cards listing separately each of the States and the Commonwealth

Sixes/team line up at one end of hall with symbol cards at front. Header cards are placed at the other end of the hall for each six. On go, first player takes a symbol card and runs to other end of hall and places it under the appropriate header (State) then returns to six. Next continues until all cards are distributed. Winning six has most symbols correct.

7:30pmInstruction: Symbols of Australia

(refer resources below)


8:15pmSlow Game

8:20pmClosing Ceremony

8:30 Finish

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