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Theme: Safety

7.00 Opening

7.10 Sling He:

Equipment: 1 first aid sling

One person is "the chaser" and another carries the sling. Only the person carrying the sling can be tagged. They escape by handing the sling on to someone else, who hands it on yet again. The sling must be passed and not thrown or dropped. If "the catcher" catches the person with the sling the roles are reversed or both roles swapped.

7.20 Simon Says.

This game is played in the traditional Simon Says game manner, with the exception of the way the cubs move.

When Simon says:

Barbecue grill - Cubs move quickly forward

Campfire - Cubs move two step sideways

Smoke in a theatre - Drop and crawl backwards

Fire at home - Crawl low forward

Oven - Two steps forward, open window action

Clothes burning - Cubs drop and roll

Fire - Cubs rush forward

7.30 Which will help?

Cub Scouts in teams.

Three corners of hall are labelled "Police", "Ambulance" and "Fire"

First person in team reacts to statement then returns to end of line.

A leader describes and emergency and yells "GO". The Cub Scouts must run to the correct corner.

Smoke is pouring from your neighbour's window.

There's been a crash outside your house. A man is lying on the road.

You see two boys destroying a phone box.

During the night your smoke alarm goes off. You smell fire;

A person clutches their chest and collapses on the ground.

Your friend has fallen off his bike. You think he's broken his leg.

You see a person trying to get into your neighbours window.

There's smoke and flames coming from the bush behind your house.

While shopping you see two men teal a purse from a lady.

Your little brother falls into the swimming pool. You pull him out but he's not breathing

There's a loud noise next door. The gas cylinder on the barbeque has exploded.

7.40 Noughts & Crosses

Divide pack into two teams (or four teams depending on numbers) One team are the Noughts (who stand up in the grid) and the other team are the Crosses (who sit down in the grid). Draw a noughts & crosses grid on the floor. Ask questions which can be answered either true or false. If correct the Cub Scouts selects one square to stand or sit in. First team with three people in a row are the winners. Continue until everyone has had a turn.

7.50 Body Bits

Equipment: Cards with body parts named - head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg - one part per card - and enough sets for each Cub Scout and Leader to have one. Shuffle the cards and scatter, on the floor, around the room, Pack run around until signal then dash for a card. They have to complete one whole body. Re-run as time permits.

8.00 Poison Ball:

Draw a chalk circle on the floor large enough for all the Cub Scouts to run around in. One Cub Scout is selected or a leader can start the game off by throwing a ball at the Cub Scouts in the circle to hit them below the knee. If they are hit they then come out of the circle and help with throwing the ball. Continue until one Cub Scout is left.

8.10 Bush Fire

Equipment: 2 Rolled up newspapers one with red streamers one with blue streamers

One Cub Scout has the newspaper with red streamers and they are the fire. When anyone is touched with this baton that must stand still until their fire is put out by the Cub Scout with the newspaper with blue streamers.

8.25 Closing

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