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Opening parade. HOP




Alien Invasion Game

Globe (or ball representing the Earth), Pile of paper balls (scrunched newspaper)



Space Race Game

2 Large round circles (representing moon),

Stickers (e.g. flag or harmony day stickers)

2 of each - ski jacket, ski pants, helmet



Get Nosy in Space

Film canisters + odours

Large bed sheet



Craft / Game ~ Space shuttle

A4 size paper




Closing Parade. Prayer

Flag, prayer book, messages


Alien Invasion Game

The object is to defend the Earth from Alien Invasion, or for the Aliens to capture all Earth defenders and take control of the Earth.

  1. 2 to 4 Joeys depending on numbers (Earth Defenders) stand in the middle of the hall facing the walls. Between them is the globe and a pile of paper balls (missiles).
  2. Remaining Joeys form into pairs. Each pair holds hands and is the Alien space ship. (Must work as a team)
  3. The Alien ships capture an Earth defender by encircling them in their arms. If a missile strikes an Alien spaceship they must return to the walls and begin their attack again. The Earth defender is removed from play only if they are encircled without the Alien spaceship being struck by a missile.
  4. Once all Earth defenders have been removed the Aliens take the Earth and the game ends.

Space Race Game

The object is to go to the moon the greatest number of times in the time allowed.

  1. Form 2 teams of Joeys.
  2. Taking turns in this relay, each Joey must dress into their space suit (jacket, pants, helmet), race to the moon, put a sticker on the moon (harmony day stickers are good because they spread world peace), return and remove space suit. Next Joey’s turn.
  3. The moon belonging to the team that has the greatest number of stickers on it is the winner – but everyone wins because we’ve spread world peace.
  4. Teams then say Joey Law and shake hands (left hands of course).

Get Nosy in Space

Talk about taking a trip in space and how astronaut’s live in space.

Points to mention:

  • There is no air or water or food in space and astronauts need to take everything with them.
  • Air and water must be recycled and re-used because you can’t take too much into space due to how hard it is to lift / leave Earth’s gravity.
  • There isn’t much living room in a space ship.
  1. Joey’s sit on the floor around a leader, all very close together.
  2. Another leader covers them with the bed sheet – this becomes the space ship.
  3. All take turns smelling and naming the odours in the canisters.
  4. This replicates being in confined spaces and that breathing recycled air may mean there are a lot of pongy smells around.
  • Suggested odours – onion, boiled egg, soap, lavender, tomato sauce, vinegar, toothpaste etc

Space shuttle

Each Joey makes a paper aeroplane (space shuttle) and decorates it, including their name.

Joey’s then see which space shuttle can fly furthest.

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