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The week or weeks leading up to the special night make swords, bows & arrows, tabards (see hand outs for instructions)

Cubs arrive dressed in tabards and ready for action

Opening address and welcome by Merlin    (see attached script)

Parade of the Knights & Ladies

Game              Mounts, Knights, Cavaliers & Damsels

Equipment        Nil

Cubs form two circles an inner and an outer circle. Pair an inner cub to an outer cub. Cubs must remember who their partner is. The inner circle are the Damsels & Knights the outer circle Mounts & Cavaliers. On the signal the inner circle walk or run clockwise and the outer circle anti clockwise.

The leader will then call out Mounts, Knights or Cavaliers actions as follows:

Mounts           the person in the outside circle will drop to the floor on all fours, the corresponding Damsel or Knight must find their mount and sit on their back.

Knights           the pair must get together and the knight has to ride piggyback style.

Cavalier          the Cavaliers have to find their partner, go down on one knee and allow the Damsel to sit on their knee.

The last one to find their partner or does the wrong command is out.

Game              Target Practise

Equipment        Arrow for each person straw, paperclip

Played as a relay.   On the ground draw a circle 1m across.

Cubs stand 2 paces from the circle.

The first team player tosses his arrow into the circle.

The second player tries to toss his arrow so that it lands on the first players. If it does he wins both arrows. If it doesn’t the next player tries to land his arrow on one of the arrows in the circle.

After each person has had a turn the team with the most arrows wins.

Game              Rob the Peasants

Equipment        Pouch with coins (or any article)

Draw a small circle in the centre of the hall place an item in the centre.

Depending on the size of the pack form 3 or 4 teams

Form lines coming out from the centre and number off. The leader calls a number the cub with that number from each team runs around to the right of the team, clockwise around the outside of the other teams back to their team where the other team members are standing with their legs apart, through the legs of the cubs and tries to grab the gold for his/her team first.

Craft               Make a Knight (see handout)

Game              The Knights & The Infidels

Equipment        12 or more sticks

Draw a dividing line through the playing area and then divide the cubs into two teams

“The Knights’ & “The Infidels” one team on each side of the line.

Place the pile of sticks about 30 feet back from the centre line.

The object of the game is to dash over the line and get one of the sticks without being caught. Once a cub is across the centre line and is enemy territory he can be caught and put into prison.  But if he/she gets to the pile of sticks without being tagged he/she is safe.

They can then bring back one of the sticks to their own side.

A prisoner can be released from the prison (a square marked off in one corner of each teams area) by being tagged by one of his own team. The winner is the one who has the most sticks after a given time.


See attached change names to suit pack

Game              Jousting

Equipment        Spoons, small potatoes

Give each player is given two tablespoons and a small potato.

He carries the potato on one spoon in one hand.

With the second spoon in his other hand, he tries to knock the potato off another players spoon while trying to protect his own potato.

This can be played as a two on two cub contest or as an all in battle                             

Game              “Merry Men”

Equipment        One less hat per number of players

All sit in a circle wearing hats. One of the Merry Men has lost his and grabs the hat off the person on his right. Cub without a hat when the whistle is blown is out.

Game              Castle Building

See attached for instructions. Can be adapted as a team game.

Game              Return from the “Crusades”

Equipment        A candle & box of matches per team and a balloon per person

Teams in relay formation with the equipment in front of them. On go the first cub runs to the end lights the candle correctly then blows up the balloon and using the air expelled from the balloon blows out the candle. He/she returns with the box of matches and the next player has a go.

If the candle goes out other than with the help of the balloon it has to be relit.


Honesty in all your acts and deeds

Open your mind to knowledge

Never tell a falsehood or lie

Obey your parents and teachers

Respect others and yourself.


With …Shield of Truth, the Sword of Honesty, the Armour of Justice, and the Helmet of Loyalty, I will do my best to bring Honour to my God, my country, my family and myself.



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