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Thank you to everyone for their continued support of

the South Met Scout News.

I would like to take this opportunity to outline the ways

you & your leaders can contribute to the magazine in

2005. Here are some questions & answers.

How do I get my stuff in the magazine?

Start by letting me know what your Mob, Pack, Troop,

Unit, Group or District have coming up in the months

leading up to the next edition of a magazine.

Then, if you would like the rest of the region to know

how great your theme night, day outing, or weekend

was then send me a story & some photos.

How do I send you an article or story & photos?

It’s easy…

If you have access to a computer & email, you can type

your story in a "Word Document" and email it to me.

You can send digital or scanned photos via email as


(Do not paste photos into the Word Document,

send them as separate fi les)

I don’t have access to a computer or I don’t know

how to use one.

Well, you can still contribute to the magazine. Simply

send your written story & any photos to Sue at the

Region Offi ce.

Very Important – If you want your photos back,

please place them in an envelope with your name,

postal address & a contact phone number.

I know photos in the past have not made their way back

to their owner because we did not have these details.

How else can I send you stuff for the magazine?

You can send it on a CD, Floppy Disk, or written on

paper, to the Region Offi ce.

You don’t have to wait for the reminder email, to send

me stuff. Send it at any time, & it will go into the next


Here are the deadlines for the magazine in 2005:

Issue Deadline

1. February No Magazine

2. April 1 st March, 2005

3. June 1 st May, 2005

4. August 1 st July, 2005

5. October 1 st September, 2005

6. December 1 st November, 2005

It’s important we don’t miss or go over these

deadlines, as the State Magazine is printed &

mailed to us at the same time.

So where do I send my stuff for the magazine?

Here are all the contact details you need to


Daniel Cooke

Phone: (H) 02 9771 2045 or (M) 0418 601 841



South Metropolitan Region Offi ce

1 Carrington Ave,


Phone: 02 9570 4525

Fax: 02 9580 6286


Most importantly, send stuff to be published in the

magazine. I would rather spend time fi guring what to

leave out of an edition (because I have too much stuff),

rather than chasing people to fi ll in the blank pages.

Lastly, this magazine is published for the members of

South Met Region, if you have any ideas to make the

magazine more enjoyable to read then let me know.

Have a great year!

I look forward to seeing what you get up to.

Daniel Cooke

Magazine Editor


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