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1" Lucas Heights Joey Scout Mob

Theme: St Patricks Day


5.00pm Opening Ceremony Yara

5.05pm Goblins & Fairies Orana

Split Joeys into even teams. One goblins the other fairies.

Goblins line up facing the wall. Fairies line up at the other end of the

hall. On Go the fairies must sneak up to the goblins. When they are about halfway up the leader calls out "LOOK OUT" and the goblins turn and chase the fairies before they reach home. After a few minutes swap over.

5.10pm Leprechauns Gold


Joeys sit in a circle and one is chosen as the leprechaun sits in the middle. The leprechaun shuts their eyes. A bean bag is passed around the circle behind the joeys back. The leader calls "STOP" and the leprechaun opens their eyes and has three guesses to pick who has the pot of gold.

5.15pm Irish Football Aquila

Joeys form a circle with their back facing in, shoulders touching and legs stretched out. A ball is placed on the Joeys ankles and they must pass the ball to each other without using their hands.

5.20pm Craft - Shamrock Bookmarks Yara

In an already prepared bag is all the makings of the bookmark. One large shamrock, three small ones, three wooden pegs and a piece of string. Use two different colours for the large and small shamrocks. The joeys will need to cut out the three small shamrocks. All they need to do is stick the pegs onto the large shamrock then stick the small' shamrocks onto the pegs. A hole has already been placed for the string/wool to be threaded through. This can then be hung.

5.35pm Blarney Stone Yara

Attach a sheet of cardboard to the wall and each joey is given a piece of sticky tape. The sticky tape should be formed into a circle. They then put the tape on their nose, run up and try to place their bit of near the centre of the BLARNEY STONE.

5.45pm Irish Bingo Kirrang

Joeys form even teams and each are given three paper clips.

An egg carton is placed up the other end of the hall in front of each team. They run up and stand over their carton and drop a paper clip in to it. The bottom of the egg cups are numbered so a leader/helper will add up the score as they go. If the clip pops out of the cup they get one extra try.

5.55pm Closing Ceremony Yara

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