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Joey Program

Theme: Nature - Growth

Wi1loughby Joey Scout Mob

Weekly Program Theme: Nature - Growth                                           cite: June 16 2003

                                                                                      Ldr                                        Equipment

5.00pm Opening Ceremony                                                                                        Flag

5.05pm Game: Ball                                                                                                        Ball

Joeys name bugs as they catch ball

5.10pm Game: Caterpillar Crawl                                                                              imagination

Joeys in teams, lead Joey shuffles forward, round point,

round team & back to front where next joey joins in, repeat till

all in the "caterpillar'& the whole caterpillar has shuffled up &


5.14pm Discussion - Bugs & caterpillars Charts, info,

etc as avail.

5.17pm Activity: Bug Shuffle                                                                                      imagination

Joeys move across the hall, no hands, like bugs of their

choice Eg crickets Oump) spider (scuttle) snake (slither) etc

5.22pm Drinks

5.24m Story: The Hungry Little Caterpillar

5.30pm Craft: Make caterpillar & Butterfly Pipe

Using beads & pipe cleaners (p.c.) make a caterpillar, then a cleaners (aka

butterfly. Caterpillar. fold long p.c. in half, thread 5 beads on. "chenille

Bend folded end as bottom & open ends as antennae. Using stems")

small pieces of p.c., wrap between beads, twist to secure, & beads

bend as feet. Butterfly.. As for the caterpillar, fold long p.c.

thread three beads; roll folded end as tail, open ends as

longer antennae than caterpillar has. Fold one long p.c.

between l st two beads, this is wings, fold 2 sets of legs at

next joint like caterpillar. Can decorate wings as desired.

5.45pm Song: Worms See words

No body loves me everybody hates me think I'll go... below

5.50pm Game: Caterpillar relay

Joeys line up dose, fast one crawls thru legs to front, repeat

til the whole bug reaches finish line.

5.55pm Close -




Nobody loves me, everybody hates me think I'll go eat worms.

Long ones short ones fat ones skinny ones worms that squiggle and squirm

Bite their heads off, suck their guts out, throw their skins away

Nobody knows how well we live on worms three times a day

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